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Hey folks,

I had no idea this forum existed - having just been posting about this issue on the Facebook page - but hopefully someone on here has had a similar experiene and can help with my problem?

Simply, on some drives (not all, and I don't know what triggers it) when in ACC, when it wants to adjust speed (say because it's slowed down because of a car in front, and I change lanes to overtake and resume the speed) it'll come up with "Check Lever Position" and kick me out of ACC.

Or other times, I'll get to the speed I want, I press SET - and it instantly kicks me out of ACC.

Here's a video of it happening:

So has anyone else experienced this? And know of a solution?

Tarraco 1.5TSI FR Sport, bought June 2021 new. So it's only 3 months old, and it's already spent a full two weeks at the dealership looking at this. It's in again right now, but I'm trying to be as helpful as I can be by also researching possible causes.

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