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I've had a Brinks tow bar installed on my '69 plate Ex Lux and the steel work appears to have blocked the sensor for Easy Open. Could I move the sensor so it's able to 'see' my foot? I've had a feel and I think I can feel it but would be interested to know before I start groping around up there.
If someone would mind posting a photo of the sensor (without a towbar) that would be great, so I can see what to look for.
Thanks in advance,

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Hi Bruce,
I have a Brink detachable bar fitted to my 69 plate Ex Lux and my virtual pedal still works both with and without the tow ball fitted. Maybe try a different way of moving your foot before having to move the sensor?
I stand in the centre of the car half way along the number plate. I put my foot straight forward under the rear of the car, hold it a second and the withdraw it without any sideways movement…this works 99% of the time for me. Apologies if it sounds patronising but worth a try.馃憤馃槀
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