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Completed a little mod on The Tarraco today, put a short guide below (not that detailed as the linked youtube video from an Ateca owner shows it best). Note that the part number in the video for the bulbs has a typo, it's 5G0 not 5GG. The parts are from the Kodiaq so work perfectly fine with the Tarraco :)

Parts required:

Vent trims (ebay):
LEDs (Skoda dealer) x2: 5G0 947 409 - around £14 each
Holders (Skoda dealer) x2: 565 881 547 - around £5 each
Plugs (ebay):
Fabric tape (ebay):
Red 0.5mm Splices x2, spare cable and electrical insulation tape - available on ebay amazon etc.

Fitting the vents is the easy bit, they just clip over the plastic outlets under the chairs.

The lights are more complicated, you need to splice into the wires into the light for the front passenger footwell (brown = negative, blue stripe = positive) and run the lights under the seat in parallel

Tuck the wires under the centre console and wrap in fabric tape for a factory look - and hook the holders onto the springs under the seats.

There's a video for the Ateca that has better guidance here
(not my video!)
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