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Just picked up my Tarraco the other day and am well pleased with it overall. However, I was disappointed to find that I still get the same annoying 'after-the-fact' traffic jam/warnings announcements that I used to get with my Ateca, and which, I could not, for the life of me, work out how to switch off!! To be clear, I get these regardless of whether I am using the Sat Nav or not (e.g. every time I join the M6 from the M56...i.e. everyday!!) I've gone through the Tarraco manual and still can't find anything. Is this a non-switch-offable 'feature' that I'm going to have to live with again...?? :roll:

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Once in the StaNAv sceen, press settings on the bottom, is there no setting for that?

Owners manual page 190:

The RDS (Radio Data System) or radio data
service offers additional FM information such
as the display of the station name, automatic
station tracking (AF), texts broadcast by radio
(Radio text), traffic announcements (TP) and
the type of station (PTY).
Depending on the country and the equipment
in question, RDS can be deactivated in
the FM Settings menu ››› page 195.
In general, no radio data services are available
without RDS.
Station name and automatic station tracking
If the RDS function is available, the names of
the stations can be displayed on the RADIO
main menu and on the Station list.
FM stations temporarily transmit other content
on different regional frequencies under
the same name (for example, Station 3).
In general, automatic station tracking takes
charge of switching to the frequency with the
best reception of the station that is tuned at
any given time, while driving. However, this
may cause a regional broadcast to be interrupted.
Automatic frequency switching and automatic
station tracking can be deactivated in FM
Settings ››› page 195.

PAge 194:

Activating and deactivating the TP function
● In the Settings (FM, AM, DAB) menu,
activate  or deactivate  the
Traffic programme (TP) function button by
pressing it ››› page 195.

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No, this is different to TP which IIRC automatically switches your radio station to a local radio traffic report. Besides, my TP is set to unticked anyway, and it is still doing it. It is something to do with the sat nav itself and is probably some kind of remote SEAT-provided service.

Anyone else any ideas?
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