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I've got one of these - ApplePie from Aliexpress, its an android tablet where it uses your display as a screen. shows disney plus, youtube, anything that android can run.

Can I have a bit more info on your experience?

Correct me if I am wrong here:

You plug in the applepie box to the car USB, and it will then connect via the applecarplay function.
Your phone (android) then links up to the box applepie box.
The phone is mirrored on the car screen and you use the car screen as the control.

The thing I am unsure about is what links the Android phone to the applepie, I'm not talking about connection (wired/wireless) but do you have to install an APP to enable your phone to communicate with the applepie?

Is it just an added Android tablet, that has nothing to do with your phone?
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