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April 22 registration. So far fitted Heko wind deflectors (very easy to fit) and Gator wheel protectors. Personally think the Gator's set the 20 inch wheels off very nicely. Cost of these fitted (by Gator specialist) was £169.95. The tyre fitter said that most tyre fitters could fit them quite easily and in fact there are instructions supplied to fit them yourself (no need to remove the wheel, just jack up the car, deflate the tyre)
Next job will be to paint brake callipers (red) and probably wheel hubs (rear offside is showing some rust) and i have the mud flaps to fit.
Bought the centre arm rest from Ali Express but you might as well buy
a big bag of marshmallows and tie them to the armrest !! It's ok but waste of money in my opinion. The elasticated straps are too long (no adjustment) and you will have to shorten them to fit.
Done 2,500 miles so far, no major concerns, lovely driver but some quirky bits too !!


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