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Yesterday I traded my 2018 2.0 TSI Tiguan for an ex-demonstrator Tarraco 2.0 TSI Xcellence First Edition. I'm blown away with the toys built into this thing but especially wanted to retain the wireless phone charging function I had in the Tiguan. I recently purchased a bit of kit from Carlinkit in China to provide wireless Carplay functionality and I am happy to report that it works perfectly in the Tarraco, much to my relief!!

I also discovered that my VW Dataplug also works fine in the Tarraco although it still wants to set my service agent to the local VW dealer!!

I have a small issue with the keyless lock not working although the unlock performs as expected.

I'm going to spend a bit of time with my OBD11 to sort out a few issues and see if I can get the traffic sign recognition working.
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