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We recently purchased a used 2.0 TSI Tarraco to cater for our growing family, and have been very happy with the car so far.
It is effortless to drive and the flexibility in the storage and seating will come in handy.

Have always driven manual cars in the past, so the DSG is a change, but it has been easy to get used to.

Additions So Far:

OBD Eleven Pro - Haven't had much time to play with this yet, but I do like to tinker, so i'll try and share any findings / tutorials.

Car Seat Protectors
The extra side flaps on these, drop down to cover the seat sides and the middle seat so you get full protection without making it look as though you own a dog. These fit nicely under our child seats.

Front Seat Back protectors
These fit really nicely, and stay rigid, should stop the muddy feet on the rear seats. My kids are too young to make use of the table currently, but i am planning on modifying these to fit behind the flip up tables

Car Shades car sun blinds
These are £80+ from the manufacturer, but seem to drop to ~£40 on Amazon from time to time, so I picked up a set (3 left in stock currently)
it is a shame that the rear doors don't have retractable blinds built in, like a Skoda Superb / VW Passat, but these seem to fit nicely, and let us open the rear windows whilst in use.

Rear Vent Covers
The gaping holes did look as though they could use some covering up, and these seem pretty OEM in finish.

I haven't got any pictures yet, but it is identical to this one:

Future Upgrades:

No more upgrades for a while, but i will be keeping an eye on info about:
- Mudflaps
- Running Boards (Do these help the kids get in and out of the car / protect the side of the car from stonechips)
- Folding Boot Liner
- Coast to Coast Lighting

I have seen a few other Tarraco's around South East London where we are based, it is great to have something a bit different on the road, instead of following the crowd.

The forum has been a really great source of information whilst we were looking for cars, so thank you to all the contributors.

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