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Hi all

**Only works on preset stations ie once you have saved & organised your favourites (about 18 per channel)**
**Does not update the inbuilt database**
**My radio stations - my choice :lol: :lol: **

Unsure if you've all found the same but a lot of the Radio Logos were blank when I picked up my Tarraco & been frustrating me for a while so bit of digging & hey presto - same site as the mapupdate info came from (Cupranet) has this link:

about 1/3 way down is a block called Station Logos - simply select United Kingdom & download the zip file - this has "most" UK DAB & FM radio logos.
Unzip the whole file to a convenient location on your PC - I simply created a Radio Logos directory.

Note - even this has missing logos - oddly missing ones include the Heart network, Capital radio etc etc. so for any missing ones go to this site -

This seems to have every radio station under the sun.
Follow the instructions and you can download individual logo's.

Search for the station (using the search at the top-right of that page).
Select the station you want & click on that link to go to that specific page.
Scroll down to the bottom of that page
You'll find a link marked "Get a logo for your VW car radio"
This page will give you a correctly-sized logo, named so you can pick it out later.
Using your mouse left click on the image to select it then right click and select "save as" - navigate to the same folder location you copied the full list from the zip file in the first part of this message to and save the file there to add it to the "existing" list.

Once you have copied this to your PC you can copy the whole lot to a blank SD card & put this into the SD2 card slot - from the main Radio screen interface - press settings at the bottom - scroll down to logos and then press the station you want to update - then select source as SD2, find the Logo - press it and done. Repeat until done. These can be deleted / overwritten if you make a booboo so no chance of messing anything up.

When you are done you can remove the SD card from slot 2. The logos you added remain in soft memory on the Nav Unit & can be overwitten / updated anytime you change yout pre-set radio choices. Just repeat the above.

All this is in the manual somewhere - but thought it might be useful to add the links

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Thanks for doing this, I'm sure I will be making use of it when my Tarraco finally arrives.
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