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My car has been with the dealer for 4 weeks. to address approximately 11 issues with the electronics. Not one call from them during this time. The last update was from Motability where the dealer had changed the batteries in the key fobs but work was delayed whilst they waited authorisation for fuel to test drive the car! Which like a red rag to a bull - I have covered nearly 1,000 miles taking the car to the dealers for repair and not 1p in compensation and they are quibbling about £10 for fuel???

Just before the car arrived at the dealership the Tarraco was inspected by the RAC whom recorded 4 fault codes stored. Plus they had all the previous breakdown reports. The garage also had all the photos and videos of the faults. I also sent them links to this forum where members had posted their experience of the same problems as I have encountered.

This is the response from SEAT UK

Thank you for your recent contact to SEAT UK.

In relation to your email I appreciate you sending in the faults but we have to go by the Retailers findings to replicate the fault. If this is not found then we would suggest a second opinion at another SEAT approved Retailer.

The diagnosis is based on a case by case basis and we cannot take into account other Tarraco owner issues.

@xxxx please can you give me a further update to see if any further faults whilst testing further.

I look forward to your response.

Please accept my apologies for any disappointment caused

Thank you for contacting SEAT UK.

Kind regards

According to a previous conversation with SEAT UK, all SEAT garages are trained, equipped and have the same experience and knowledge. So why go to another SEAT garage for a second opinion.

Secondly, from the same conversation as before SEAT UK disregard anything on Social media or forums like this as they believe "anybody" could write them not necessarily SEAT owners. Which in its simplest form is true but when owners place pictures of their cars and the faults or issues there must be an element of truth. I can not accept that they believe that someone would photoshop a fault warning light, just so they could make an internet post.

As stated previously this is my 3rd successive SEAT, 5 from VAG group. All have been excellent cars without fault. This one is my last VAG vehicle!
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