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Just wanted to update everyone on my 'discussion' with Seat re a warranty claim. I wrote here recently that I had noticed the drivers seat leather was looking ruckled after only a few months (it was a brand new Tarraco Xcellence Lux, listed at around £38k). The warranty department turned down the claim with the preposterous statement that "leather is a natural material and stretches". After 25 yrs of driving cars with leather seats none have deformed at all. I am 12 stone and do less than 10k miles a year, so it isn't wear and tear.

I complained to the CEO Richard Harrison and one one his ladies called to say she was on the case. After a couple of weeks, she called to say that the warranty department had rejected the claim (see above) and NO ONE had the power to get them to review or investigate it! This despite the dealer telling them it was not wear and tear. And full credit to the dealer (SMC Aldershot) they are replacing it anyway.

What really annoys me is that:-
1. They can make such a stupid statement
2. They expect customers to put up with this awful quality
3. They pretend to investigate if their policy is just to say No

I'd welcome your thoughts and experiences. I have written to the CEO again but have little expectation that it will be read.

If you can please post this to any other Seat forums


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